So... This Outreach Thing?

What IS Outreach, Fundamentally?

Outreach is a talent that can be leveraged across all industries, and all businesses. I wanted to do a brief into on outreach because everyone has different interpretations of it, depending on where they are in life and business. Outreach is a skill that can be cut and crafted for everything - from personal relationships, to professional relationships, to getting projects off the ground, or helping an older project rise from the ashes.

You can't really just reach out to someone and say YO wanna work together?! Yo, give me a link! I mean, you CAN... but if you're not cultivating that relationships beforehand, you're probably setting yourself up for that person to be like “who IS this person?” rather than “Oh! I remember them. I'll entertain it.”

I can't tell you the number of times I've received shitty outreach emails. I mean, they weren't even considered "outreach." It's more like, verbal assault for a link. No prior introduction to them, no idea what they do or who they are, no engagement on social... nothing. Just an email saying, "hey! blah blah blah. Give me a link!"

Let's start with what outreach isnt. Outreach is not a salesy, annoying way to badger someone into working with you. This is relationship building, not sales.

What outreach is: At its core, Outreach is long-term relationship building in a mutually beneficial way.

The key here is mutually beneficial. When you’re going through this course the thing to keep in mind is that nobody is going to care about you, or your project/business, if you’re not offering something to them as well. This can be in the form of,

  • Co-promotion: Agreeing to share something about them/their company/their business in an organic way.
  • Offering them an incentive for their audience; whether that’s a coupon their audience can use for a discount, a giveaway, etc. Something that makes them feel VIP.
  • Providing them awesome content - whether that’s design, video, written content, etc.
  • Trading for services - many of us are multi-hyphenates with various talents. What can you offer them in exchange for them helping you?

So - whaaaat exactly is this course going to be!? Well, we want it to give you a stepping stone for getting your [project/self/business] out there, so we’ll be covering…

  1. Figuring out who your target outreach audience is, depending on what you’re offering.
  2. Leveraging existing relationships online.
  3. Leveraging existing relationships offline.
  4. Using data & research to identify publisher and blogger relationships. #BeDataDriven
  5. Tracking & reporting so you can evaluate where your time should be spent.
  6. Workflow for tracking your contacts, relationships and campaigns.

For your FIRST action item, before we even dive into the course, I'd love for you to take 5-10 minutes to answer the following:

  1. Why did you choose to take an outreach course? What in particular do you feel like you need to know, or learn more about?
  2. What is your goal with outreach? For example, are you an artist, writer, photographer, filmmaker or another creative who wants to build their personal brand? Are you an eCommerce store that's hoping to get product out there? Do you want to reach out to get other sites to share your stuff via links? All of these matter, so write them out!!