Why Do I Need It?

Outreach is one of the lowest cost ways to get potential customers, shares, and visibility to your website.

On the SEO side (which is something we'll touch on briefly in the next lesson) outreach is another great way to build targeted links to your specific website pages, which can help with overall rankings in the future. But woah woah. Let's not get too ahead of ourselves. :)

Learning the language of outreach and using it for you, your business, or project is essential. Outreach has the power to,

  • Build relationships free, which is important if you're just starting out and trying to build an audience or convert without ponying up unecessary money before you have to.
  • Outreach can lead to future partnerships between both people.
  • Thought it may not garner immediate returns, outreach is the long game. I still find myself chatting/working with people I reached out to 6+ years ago.

Remember these 3 questions as we're going through this course.

  • How am I providing them value?
  • Am I being respectful and not stalker-ish?
  • AM I being mindful of people's time?

What's the Value of This Course?

This course costs $149. There's a number of ways to look at the value that you're getting:

1) A consultant will typically cost $200-$300 per hour to either teach you how to do outreach and understand your audience, or that much per hour to physically do the outreach for your personal brand, side hustle, or business.

2) At the agency I used to work at, where we would do outreach directly for clients, links that were obtained through outreach often “cost” in the $200-$250 range per link built/relationship created. This cost definitely has a place for companies who have the budget, however, it has no place for someone who is eager to build their personal brand, business, or side hustle while staying lean.

3) Training that I'll often perform for businesses, to teach their digital team how to properly execute outreach, will cost $3,500 and up. You're going to get that, and access to myself, the other founders, and the community on-going.

I guarantee that if you truly follow the course and put effort into relationship building, you'll have no problem building at least 5 outreach relationships where somebody will share a promotion/feature your product, give you a mention, link to your side hustle, share your blog post, or whatever you specific goal may be.