w0rdz: Terminology You'll Hear

There are a lot of concepts and terminology that you'll hear throughout this course. In order to not surprise you, here's a few that I suspect you'll have questions on:

What are backlinks? A backlink is essentially a link to your site from some other site. If Forbes links to your website, that's a backlink.

What's an anchor text? Using the same example, if someone links to your site from Forbes, and the text on the Forbes site says “New Hat Company”... that text is the anchor text. Like this ➡ New Hat Company. "New Hat Company" is considered the anchor text.

What's SEO? SEO is search engine optimization. This deserves its own course, and I may create that at a later point, but SEO has many facets to it (technical, on-page, etc) with the goal of ranking for keywords that people search for, and generating organic traffic (traffic from search engines like Google or Bing). One of the factors that goes into rankings are backlinks and anchor text, which is why they're mentioned above.

What's a cold vs. warm lead? A cold lead is someone that hasn't had any contact with you or your biz at all. If you're reaching out to a blogger you've never connected with, that's a cold lead. A warm lead is one that's been in contact before and is aware of you.

What's a Search Operator? There's a lesson that demonstrates how to find websites manually. A "Search Operator" is essentially a search term that you can use in a search engine (like Google) to have more control over your searches. For example, if you're wondering whether or not a site accepts guest posts and you want to do a search via Google, you can type in "site:blogname.com guest posts" and site: is the search operator.

What is a "Guest Post"? You may hear this phrase used throughout the course. At a fundamental level, a guest post means that you're writing or collaborating on something that will be posted on another person's site. There are many reasons for this, which we'll get into later. :)